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A couple recent projects the Cafe has had a hand in developing and working on are Ping Pong for the Kids back in February of 2023 and Libertyville Plays Live! in March of '23.


Ping Pong for the Kids supports the work of SEDOL and helps sends special needs kids to summer camp. Organized by our friend Mark Bechtold this is an annual event we love to help support.

This year the event raised $17,400.


We recently completed working on Libertyville Plays Live! which is a photography project. Our very own Scott Singer and Jim Connell developed this project to highlight local musicians. The photos are on exhibit at 757 Milwaukee Ave in downtown Libertyville. 

Untitled (Presentation (169)).png
Untitled (Presentation (169)).png

Ping Pong for the Kids

Libertyville Plays Live!

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