Q. What is Craftsman Cafe?

A. Craftsman Cafe is not a place. We produce concerts, chef events, a college conference, and much more. We are a group of friends who love to create and share art and pay it forward. Our community have raised nearly $400,000 for local charities through our events and ideas. Many artists/participants, hosts and guests of our shows are friends and parishioners of St. Joseph Parish. 

Q. Why note cards?

A. We are inspired by the art in St. Joe's and were looking for a creative way to share it with others. We also love the idea of sending hand written notes. We we have been looking for creative ways to support the Appalachian Mission Trip and thought this would be something people would enjoy.  

Q. What does Evangelize Through Beauty mean?

A. Watch the video below that inspired us. 

Q. Why don't we sell these at church?

A. St. Joe's staff and ministry leads are extremely busy. We did not want to burden them with the hassle of displaying, selling, and delivering cards. Plus, we felt it was easier for people to buy them online and receive them by mail. 

Q. Will we create another series of cards? 

A. Depends. We will consider it if this project is successful. There is a lot more beauty to photograph at St Joe's! 

Q. What leaders are involved with this project at St. Joe's?

A. We asked permission to create this project, and Craftsman Cafe is working directly with our Youth Ministers Tom & Brigid Dutton who are assisting us. Deacon Dan Coughlin opened the church and was on site when all photography took place. 

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Got Questions? Call Jim Connell :773.220.3632

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