Craftsman Cafe is a canvas. We use this canvas to exercise our creativity, share our love of the arts, and pay it forward. 

We have created concerts, chef events, a college mentoring program, a disco, ping pong tournaments, and more. 

Our shows are free and invite only. This is made possible by our community. I want to thank all my friends, many of whom hosted, supported and created our shows.


Thanks to them, we have passed along $300,000 to non profit organizations doing vital work in our community. 


What's more important is we have developed friendships that have enriched our lives. 

Our musicians and everyone involved with creating our shows are not paid. They do it for the love of creating a unique event and performing music we love. 

With deep gratitude, 

Jim Connell

​© 2020 Craftsman Cafe 

Got Questions? Call Jim Connell :773.220.3632

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